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Synthesis Reports

The Synthesis reports provide a summary of the main outcomes and policy messages emanating from the MLP activities within the overarching theme for each six months or year. They provide a helpful signpost to other documents and information relating to the individual activities.

  • Designing effective measures to tackle unemployment and ensure sustainable labour market integration Spring-Autumn 2012 [en][fr][de]
  • Working towards the employment targets and priorities of the Europe 2020 Strategy Spring-Autumn 2011 [en][fr][de]
    -Summary of lessons of MLP activities in 2011 for EU 2020 [en][fr][de]
  • How to balance employment policy responses to the crisis and preparing individuals and companies to meet structural challenges
    Spring-Autumn 2010 [en][fr][de]
  • Employment policies’ response to the crisis: ensuring rapid re-integration into the labour market through tailor-made training and better matching
    Spring-Autumn 2009 [en][fr][de]
  • Increasing labour supply by focusing on people at the margins of the labour market and youth, linked with the development of flexicurity policies
    Spring 2008 [en] [fr] [de]
  • Increasing investment in human capital through better education and skills
    Autumn 2007 [en] [fr] [de]
  • Attracting more people to the labour market
    Spring 2007 [en] [fr] [de]
  • Increasing Adaptability of workers and Enterprises
    Autumn 2006 [en] [fr] [de]
  • Ensuring effective Implementation through better Governance
    Spring 2006 [en] [fr] [de]
  • Correcting for labour market failure in lifelong learning
    Autumn 2005 [en] [fr] [de]
  • Attracting more people to the labour market
    Spring 2005 [en] [fr] [de]