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Registration Form - Thematic Review Seminar "Pathways to green jobs: strategies and policy options for a sustainable job-rich recovery"

26th June 2013

HUSA President Hotel, Boulevard du Roi Albert II, 1000 Brussels, Belgium

Travel arrangements:

For the participants from governmental and non-governmental organisations (including social partners) who are attending the seminar, travel will be arranged by ICF GHK. They will be contacted by ICF GHK to arrange their travel after they have registered online.

All participants are reminded that they are responsible for arranging their own travel insurance.


For participants from non-governmental organisations (including social partners), accommodation (for one night) will be arranged and paid for by ICF GHK if the registration takes place before 12th June 2013 (new extended deadline). The accommodation will be at the seminar venue, namely the HUSA President Hotel.

Participants from governmental organisations are kindly asked to arrange their own accommodation. For hotels in Belgium, please follow this link:

Deadline for submitting this form: 12th June (new extended deadline)

Please indicate:


Please specify your preferred language for the TRS documents: