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Mutual Learning Programme
The Mutual Learning Programme was launched at the beginning of 2005 and incorporates the former Peer Review Programme (launched in 1999). Its main objectives are to encourage mutual learning at all levels and to enhance the transferability of the most effective policies within key areas of the European Employment Strategy. A further aim is to encourage stakeholders to promote the wider and more effective dissemination of information about the European Employment Strategy and its implementation. Exchanging good practice and experience is one of the core objectives of the European Employment Strategy. As acknowledged by the Member States, better use should be made of the many examples of good practice that exist in the four priority areas identified as vital to boosting employment and productivity in Europe:
  • increasing adaptability of workers and enterprises
  • attracting more people to the labour market
  • investing more and more effectively in human capital
  • ensuring effective implementation of reforms through better governance
The Mutual Learning Programme will contribute to the Member States learning from each others' experiences and to the transferability of good practice. While sharing common objectives and targets, Member States nevertheless take different policy approaches and choices. A deeper understanding of the conditions for successful policy implementation with proven results is sought through conducting evidence-based reviews of good practice in other Member States. This facilitates the assessment of whether and how good practices can be effectively transferred to other Member States. The Mutual Learning Programme focuses on specific relevant labour market themes which are treated in the framework of three strands of activities:
  • Twice-yearly EU-wide ‘Thematic Review seminars≠ on key challenges or policy priorities
  • ‘Peer Review meetings≠ in individual Member States, focusing on specific policies and measures within the broad policy priority
  • ‘Follow-up and dissemination activities≠ to involve a broader group of national stakeholders and further the co-operation and exchange of good practices between Member States
At the beginning of 2009, GHK Consulting Ltd (UK/Belgium) in co-operation with the CERGE-EI - the Economics Institute of the AS CR, v.v.i, the Centre for Economic Research and Graduate Education of Charles University (Czech Republic) were selected through a public tendering process to assist the European Commission in carrying out the Mutual Learning Programme. The results the activities carried out in the previous years can be found under Peer Reviews (listed chronologically by date or under the relevant host country) and under Thematic Review Seminars (Thematic Reviews reports are available in three languages, English, French and German) where you can also find all previous reports from the former Peer Review Programme.
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