Priority areas for the latest Call for proposals (2008)

The priority areas for co-operation under the 2008 call are as follows:

The central elements for the Lisbon Strategy in the next years will be the necessity to adapt to changes brought by globalisation, technological change, demographic ageing and migration. The Flexicurity policy and a life-cycle approach to work are an effort to modernise our labour markets. At the same time there is a continued need to improve the matching of labour market needs. Moreover, there is a need to better understand how globalisation affects our labour markets and to promote the decent work agenda inside and outside the EU. The priority areas of co-operation within the call should be clearly linked to "youth" and "people at the margins" the themes for the Mutual Learning Programme and based on the three implementing priorities for action in the renewed Lisbon strategy for growth and jobs (2008-2010):

  • Attract and retain more people in employment, increase labour supply and modernise social protection systems with a focus in the context of this call on Active aging and Migration
  • Improve the adaptability of workers and enterprises with a focus in the context of this call fostering flexicurity policies and tackling undeclared work
  • Increase investment in human capital through better education and skills with a focus in the context of this call on Life Long Learning