Who We Are

Mutual Learning Employment is an independent agency that aims to safeguard employers from the dangers of uncertainty in employing applicants.

We believe there are many problems that may arise in this industry, and so background checks are to ensure security from breaching or information leaking.

Our platform serves as a way for employers to search for content that will help them have a better understanding of the ins and outs of the business industry, particularly the Human Resources sector.

Our Team

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Mutual Learning Employment was founded by Braylon Chan. It is his philosophy that gave birth to this website for employers and companies. He believes that the core problem of companies is not about their products and services, but with their employees.

Thus, he created this website in hopes of helping employers learn about the impact of each individual worker to the company as a whole.

Of course, the website won’t function with the help of our founder alone. Our team at Mutual Learning Employment is also more than capable of providing insightful content for our users.

Our team is composed of experienced researchers, journalists, strategists, and designers. We are here to help you with any topic related to employment background checks.

Our Mission

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Our team at Mutual Learning Employment is guided by our passion to help employers that are struggling to understand the importance of employment background checks. We use our expertise to provide professional tips for how to do this.

Our core belief is that companies are struggling to be successful due to the fact that some of their employees are not fulfilling their responsibilities.

Thus, we provide an easy way for employers to do background checks on employees so they may see their potential and predict their worth.

Among the many factors that affect the success of a company, we value productivity and security among all things. We work towards helping employers understand this as well.

We believe background checks should be conducted so the quality of employees won’t be compromised. We also value how they can keep confidential information from getting leaked to the public.

Our goal here at Mutual Learning Employment is aimed towards the prevalence of the importance of employment checks for companies.

We believe and hope that the practice of employment checks for companies will make way for more productivity for businesses so they may achieve success sooner and easier.