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Checking the history of employees has never been easier due to the advancements that technology has been experiencing so far. However, it’s still inevitable for problems to take place.

One such problem is the fact that only a few employers know about these background checks.

Despite the importance of these checks, many employers have no idea of how important they are, let alone what these checks are. In fact, it’s found that the majority of successful large businesses and agencies all over the globe conduct background checks.

They believe this will strengthen their security, quality of their products and services, amongst other benefits.

That’s why we at Mutual Learning Employment aim to inform and educate companies from around the world about background checks, why and how they should conduct them.


Mutual Learning Employment was founded by Braylon Chan in early 2019 and since then, he’d been a critical part of the website. He manages the content on the site and keeps on coming up with ideas to help employers from all over the globe.

While we cater to the needs of people worldwide, we are headquartered in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Therefore, we focus on the needs of business, companies, and employers here.

Our Team

The majority of our team in Mutual Learning Employment is also from Minnesota, although some came from somewhere else. It’s their mission to provide support for the founder and come up with ideas as well.

Since founding, we’ve accumulated plenty of experience, although we had lots of experience when we started out. Thus, you can expect that we are masters in this field and our content will not fail to help you in any way.

What We Offer

Mutual Learning Employment has become a platform where employers go to learn how to conduct background checks. While it’s easy to learn how to do it, people around the world have tricks up their sleeves that may complicate things.

We at Mutual Learning Employment aims to clear all that and provide the easiest path for employers.

Here at Mutual Learning Employment, we develop solutions for today’s problems regarding employment. Whether you’re a Venture CapitalInvestor, or a Commercial Business, you’ll find that our content can help you.

We provide insightful content so you may be able to learn how to conduct background checks of every type.

If you’re interested in Mutual Learning Employment, you can stay updated with all the content we provide on this website by subscribing to us. You’ll also enjoy the privilege of getting alerted about any event on our website.