Two Types of Background Checks That Reveals Information Other Than Employment


A background check is a way for companies to confirm that individuals or organizations are really what they claim to be. It shows how valid the information they provided by digging data on that individual or group.

While it can help in many different situations, there are different types of background checks. In addition to employment history checks, you can also find out whether an applicant completed specific degrees or learning programs related to your company.

Here we look at the types that will give you information other than the employment history of that individual.

Credit Background Checks

As the name suggests, by conducting a Credit Background Check, you explore the records of a person’s credit information. This often revolves around the credit-to-debt ratio of a person.

This is helpful if you want to know if that person has any payments in the past or bills that they haven’t paid yet. It’s also a way to discover how they use their money or credit in their lifestyle.

Some information you’ll find while conducting this kind of background checkis their payment history, tax liens, bankruptcies, unpaid bills, credit inquiries, and more.

If you decide not to hire someone due to this information, you’re required to send that person a notice that it’s because of his/her credit information.

Professional License Background Checks

Professional License Background Checks is when you dig data on the commercial background of a person. It includes checking if they have a valid license for what they do.

This is helpful for companies that are looking to invest in startups. It’s best to know if the commercial organization really has the right to operate. After all, it would complicate things for you if you invest in some shady organization.

This type of background check will also reveal whether or not the company’s employees or the applicant have completed any related learning programs. This should be a clear indication on whether or not they are up to the task.

Background checks provide you with helpful information that will allow you to steer away from threats to your company. In other words, by conducting background checks on individuals or organizations, you’re minimizing the risks of hiring on investing in that certain group.

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